Posted by: Shara | April 9, 2018

Be Uncomfortable

I heard somewhere that it is good to be uncomfortable in your life. This doesn’t mean that you are unhappy or suffering. This means that you aren’t comfortable where things are at. If you are comfortable, you don’t seek change. You are much more willing to put up with things you should fight against, or let opportunities pass you by. You lose some of the passion and drive for progress, and the acceptance of a challenge to do something hard or unique, especially when others say you can’t do it.

But when you are uncomfortable, you are driven to change your circumstances, discover new things or people, or try something different. You say yes to shifting your mentality, your emotional state, or your physicality. You allow yourself to be reforged without knowing what the exact change will be. Your spirit rises to the challenge, and you do what you never thought you could. It’s a hard, tough road, with satisfaction, new perspective, and new life ahead.

Thank you then, God, for making me uncomfortable enough to forge ahead and seek challenges with new eyes.

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