Posted by: Shara | April 6, 2013

Yep, That’s Me

Today, I spoke with a boy charged with describing himself to me. He put together a collage of pictures as a poster aid for his presentation. And before he began, he was double checking himself aloud. His words formed an audio poem that described him better than anything else he did that day, and it made me smile. This is his poem below.

Let’s see…

I LOVE Apple!

Video Games!

Star Wars!




Yep, that’s me.


Posted by: Shara | April 5, 2013

Slow and Steady

Said the tortoise to the hare,

“Slow and steady wins the race.”

But do we know that why he won

Was his consistent pace?


We all are human beings,

Not cheetahs or greyhounds.

So running at full speed

Is not as natural as it sounds!


“Don’t give up” should be our what,

But we need to find out how.

Slow and steady wins the race…

The idea is clear now.


Have the courage to begin,

With each choice be self-defined,

And just keep moving forward

To reach that finish line.

Posted by: Shara | April 4, 2013


(I have been feeling brevity. Some days, we should limit ourselves.)


The effort

… worth

……….the result


…..the effort

……….is compassion

……….or understanding

And the results

…..are peace

……….and harmony

Posted by: Shara | April 3, 2013


I don’t remember what it’s like

to be 16


I thought I did. I thought that


stayed the same.

But experience has changed me,

changed my memories,

and given me a taste for caution,


and fear of pain.

I look back 

at 16

and wonder why I acted certain ways,

justify choices,

and try not to think about deep, dark


Why did 


have to become tainted

by adulthood?

I wish I remembered


Posted by: Shara | April 2, 2013

Live In Joy

Today, an April day, awash with sun,

I shine!

Will gives my feet purpose to

Live, to love, to breathe



Posted by: Shara | April 1, 2013

The Eagle

It’s been a long time. This is my tribute to Poetry Month, and to the challenge to continue to create beauty and meaning in the universe.

The Eagle

The eagle rides high,

To fly,

To die,

A nation’s forever symbol of pride

The eagle rides high,

In blue skies

He flies,

The patriot who takes no sides

The eagle rides high,

And sighs

As time flies,

Knowing we all pass like the tides

The eagle rides high,

His cries

No lies,

Reminding that equality presides


Posted by: Shara | August 10, 2011

Family History

I have not had a chance to post in a while, as I have been working on some family stories for my husband’s side of the family.  The matriarch of the family has recently been doing worse with every day that passes, and her stories are going to be lost if anything happens to her.  I have been trying to get those stories written down, so that someday my children and future generations will know this noble and wonderful woman.

This kind of work is interesting, because the stories told by her are not told the same way as they are by her children.  She laughs things off that they flinch at, or she is very straight-forward about things that make the others want to cry.  And all the while, I am getting to know her as she is, who she was, and how she wants to be remembered.  It’s funny that all of those phases can be so different for a single person.

Every person has a story, and while many might think some of those stories boring or mundane, I believe that is because the stories weren’t told right!  There is always a good story there, it just needs to be captured correctly.  I hope that I can finish this process before it’s too late… that would be a sad affair indeed.

Posted by: Shara | July 14, 2011

Taken For Granted

It’s interesting how we can take someone’s presence for granted, maybe not even talking to her on a serious interaction level while she is around, and then noticing her absence so completely when she is gone.  This week, my daughter has been gone to camp, and both of my sons and I have noticed her absence.  The laughter is less.  (There is no sack of potatoes on my couch, hehe.)  There hasn’t been someone that can play with them and take them outside besides myself, because the older son isn’t old enough (legally) to take the younger one out.  There is definitely a dry spell on jokes, and the creativity of making up new games hasn’t been heard while I have been trying to work.  I keep hoping that camp is going all right, that she didn’t get too wet and rained on, or that she is getting along well with others.  I also keep hoping she isn’t getting bitten as the cream for her allergic reactions didn’t make it into her bags.  In short, we all miss her!  There HAS to be a way to balance trying to work at home (even if it is for free at the moment) and having happy children with an interactive mom.  Ideas and struggle time….

Posted by: Shara | July 11, 2011

Family Memories

Today I had the opportunity to spend some time with my boys looking at family memories.  We looked through many books reflecting back on the lives of each our family members; after two hours, they finally asked to do something else.  I was glad to see them so engrossed in these stories for so long.  They asked questions, laughed, smiled, and read the stories in the books.  My son even told me that he wanted to spend some more time making our family storybooks.  We have had a calm and comfortable day since, and I believe that it was because we spent some time connecting today.  I am just glad that I have enough of our own times recorded to share the memories with my children.  Now to get my hands on more of the family history….

Posted by: Shara | July 9, 2011

Making Others Happy

Today, at the pool party we attended, the hosts dumped a box of characterized rubber ducks in the pool for the children to have.  There were plenty for everyone, and some children left the pool with as many as ten each.  We were not swimming today, it was too hot, and so my eldest went to get some ducks for all three of my children.  She came back with two at first, one for her and one for the youngest.  I told her to go back for one more for the absent Scout brother, and if there were enough they could have two each.  She came back with a total of five.  Two for each of her brothers, and one for her, she told me.  This was the least amount that any of the children had taken, so I inquired as to how she wanted to divide the ducks.  We went into the cooled comfort of the house.  She then told me to “hang on,” and went into her room.  Upon returning, she said, “I didn’t need any of those other ducks because I have…” she held up her hand, “this!”  Sitting in her hand was a blue ninja-suited rubber duck!  “I took one who sings, and I have the totally cool ninja duck!  I’m good!  My brothers can have those.”  She grabbed pirates, a blue Hawaiian-shirted duck, and a superhero.

I stopped to realize that, unlike the other kids scrambling for first pick, my daughter not only thought of her brothers first, but acted with manners and grace.  Seemingly untouched by the need for quantity over quality, she chose in deliberation and minimalism.  She has things that she wants, of course, but she works on earning money to get them and does not expect us to get them for her.  And she is patient… soooo patient.  It once took me five years to get her the promised Disneyland vacation that she wanted, but she never told me I lied.  She just kept hoping for it, saved every dime she had, and even told me once, “If I had a lot of money, I would pay for all of you to go with me.”  May her heart remain that way forever, and bless her life and the lives of others.

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