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Ute. MVP. #23. But Who Is Julian Blackmon Really?


If you google Blackmon’s name, articles and video pop up of his interceptions, takedowns, and interviews. His stats showcase his skill and his talent, and prove the threat-level the opposing team meets on the field. But in a sea of skill and talent, what makes Julian Blackmon great? Here’s the inside look.

Most often, when examining a future prospect for a college or pro team, scouters rightly examine his capabilities. Julian has had sticky hands since he was young, getting his hands on a ball and keeping it if one came near him. His hops were seen throughout his basketball days, with a flying vertical jump that’s dreamlike to watch. And his natural dancing ability has led to a graceful agility that’s smooth in its flow when he’s racing at lightning speed down the field, dodging tackles. Watching this athlete in his element lends a quality to the game that makes us realize we are witnessing greatness.

Julian used to say that he’s not a fighter, but how can such a competitive athlete dominate the field and not be one? The answer lies in how he rises up to meet a challenge. He’s determined, dedicated, and never backs down, always driving to meet the standards of his future self and pushing to reach new heights. His views of protecting and defending family with intense loyalty transferred to his team family, and he steps up with brilliant results.

Attitude is the key driver for a man to keep his head in the game and to bring home the win. Julian is good-natured and optimistic, fueling his team with a positive outlook and dependable solidarity. He takes every advantage to improve, including reviewing his plays as only the teachable do so they can redefine their performance. Even his college grades reflect the focus with which he approaches everything he drives to excel at.

The young man invested in his favorite game of all time, Julian Blackmon, has only begun to roll out the greatness he has waiting in the wings. And I, for one, can’t wait for future showings from this lithe, powerful player, the tiger of his time.

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Be Uncomfortable

I heard somewhere that it is good to be uncomfortable in your life. This doesn’t mean that you are unhappy or suffering. This means that you aren’t comfortable where things are at. If you are comfortable, you don’t seek change. You are much more willing to put up with things you should fight against, or let opportunities pass you by. You lose some of the passion and drive for progress, and the acceptance of a challenge to do something hard or unique, especially when others say you can’t do it.

But when you are uncomfortable, you are driven to change your circumstances, discover new things or people, or try something different. You say yes to shifting your mentality, your emotional state, or your physicality. You allow yourself to be reforged without knowing what the exact change will be. Your spirit rises to the challenge, and you do what you never thought you could. It’s a hard, tough road, with satisfaction, new perspective, and new life ahead.

Thank you then, God, for making me uncomfortable enough to forge ahead and seek challenges with new eyes.

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Help Football Hopeful Fund Future

Help Football Hopeful Fund Future

By Shara Darke


The world is getting tougher daily, and when someone in the rising generation is willing to sacrifice, step up his game, and fight for his future, he is someone to rally around! Kaimana Pearson has a chance to call De Anza College and the Dons Football Team home. He retired his Layton Lancer jersey when he graduated from high school, but has no intentions of setting his football aside. Working hard to secure a spot on a college team, he now plans to do whatever it takes to be even better at football and once again earn a position worthy of the Offensive Line Center position he achieved in high school. He is still conditioning and working out, and his dedication and determination don’t just apply to his football game.


Kaimana has always seen academics as essential, and studied as much as he practiced. He never dropped below a 3.0, and has now set his sights on the new challenges of college courses. He hopes to earn a business degree so that he can help future athletic hopefuls achieve in both sports and academics.


Coming from a family of athletes, Kaimana has shown that he can hold his own! His brothers are currently at Santa Barbra and University of Utah, and he is following their perseverance and fire as a positive example to a younger sister and brother. He is fiercely loyal to family, and his big heart sees him involved in service to them and the community.

For Kaimana to reach California prepared to give his all to his college, he needs to raise $6,000 by August 31st. Help this athlete show what he’s made of by contributing below. Thank you for your support of America’s youth and the next generation of possibilities!

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Writing Power

Writing is so powerful. It has the power to change the soul, shape the ego, to bring life to form and form to life. Writing makes sense of the senseless and makes fearless the fearful. And EVERY PERSON has the ability to wield this strange writing weapon, whether in the form of a monster, cathartic reveal, or valiant heart, if there is courage to do so. Writing is the voice that every person fights for but seems to forget is already within reach… already in the arsenal. All that is required to use this weapon is to SPEAK UP! SPEAK OUT! SAY SOMETHING! The courage to communicate is the courage to take control of the conversation. So GO AHEAD! BE HEARD!

Posted by: Shara | June 27, 2017

Enter the Dragon!

Obsidian-reflective scales,
Giant claws and spiked tail,
Fire-breathing monster,
Causes hearts to fail
Bigger than a village,
Darkening the sky,
Daunting shadow cast,
How can fire fly?
Taming wild chaos,
Young boys’ hero dreams,
Freedom found solo,
Riding on those wings
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The Heart of Man

Posted by: Shara | June 6, 2017

The Celebration of a Graduate

It’s graduation season. For those who have loved ones graduating, the dinners, ceremonies, and celebrations have reigned the past few weeks. But graduation affects everyone, even those who don’t know someone personally. Graduation brings a sense of accomplishment… completion… renewal… and hope.

This is a time to celebrate!

A time of completion

A time of change

A time of rebirth

The graduate has come to the end of one road

And stands at the beginning of another

New choices

New dreams

New friends


The future in his hands

Posted by: Shara | June 1, 2017

The Miracle of Daughters and Moms

Dancing around to the music that cleans the house with random solos

Artistic impulse filling the front room with discussion and easels

Urging each other to try new things, laughing at each other’s expense

Gifting a surprise out of love, and just because today is Tuesday

Hysterical tears comforted, navigating trials of friendship

Talking into the early morning with giant mugs of hot cocoa

Eating ice cream while binge watching Kim Possible, rememb’ring age 9

Radio up and car windows down, enjoying a hot summer night

Sharing secrets, dreams and inside jokes that only girls can understand

Posted by: Shara | May 22, 2017

Baby Come Home

Baby, sweet baby,

Wee little son…

Come home to your family;

Home makes us one.

You’re our new joy,

Our angel now free.

Mom and Dad love you;

You make us happy!

Welcome, oh welcome,

Dear, small soul!

With us forever,

Our hearts are whole!

Posted by: Shara | May 15, 2017

The Writer’s Journey

When I first started this blog, I was wondering if I had what it took to write, constantly, and to write well enough to create a career for myself. I had no idea what that journey would look like. Writing daily is work, whether or not it sounds fun. Some days there are other things to do; sometimes the feedback on a piece of work makes me want to hide in bed. The difference between a writing career and any other job is that the passion and force behind a self-created masterpiece I take sole responsibility for means that I pass or fail by my own actions. I am in control, and that knowledge takes me back to the computer day after day after day.

Being a “writer” or an “author” carries a lot of preconceived notions and expectations. Add that to stereotypes for certain types of writing, and a whole ball of assumptions is created. For a writer, people believe the title denotes someone who is a starving artist, barely able to buy ramen. As an author, I become elevated to the ranks of those who have published successful books; otherwise, how could I call myself that? To claim being an editor promotes me to a new level above writers, because now I am the one who is critiquing their work. Then there is ghostwriting. All of the words that people see every day, unattributed to the writer who so carefully crafted them into sentences, paragraphs, and ads, are words that people have no idea where they came from. When I tell someone that I am a writer and that person politely asks what I write, I drop this bomb on purpose: “Business plans, grant proposals, legal forms… general business information.” The jaw slackens and I see this clearly all over the person’s face: “Oh, I guess that all DOES take writing! Huh….” If I feel like being difficult, I say “poetry” first. As I see the judgment creep in, then I tack on the rest. If I write nonfiction, I am much more scholarly than if I take the “easy” way out and write fantasy. The most interesting stereotype, though, is when I tell the few people who wouldn’t care anyway because they have seen varied forms of my writing that I do it ALL.

“How can you do it all? Don’t you need to specialize in one area to be good at it?” While the answer to that is obviously yes, the word that comes under scrutiny is specialize. I have been writing for over thirty years, I have been reading for forty, and words come easily to me. I have spent my time doing the research, cultivating mastery for each of the different areas of writing, specializing, and here’s what I have discovered. Although writing alternate genres takes varied skill sets and specific area focus, writing is writing and crosses over into itself every time a work is crafted. When parts of a script or a novel are “poetic,” a novel could be made into a stage play because the action jumps from the page, or when a business plan is engaging because of detail and description, these writing areas cross over to create enjoyable communication. That is what writing is meant to be, after all. Writing is enjoyable communication, bringing this huge world into sharper and more intimate focus for us to engage with each other in.

All this isn’t to say that I am perfect at it. I make mistakes. I value the honest input that raises my writing from good to tantalizing. I need editing, and I need feedback. When it comes to showing others what I have done, I sometimes have to work up to putting my creations under the scope. Being a pen master means caring about the living, breathing entities that leap from my mind. I thought I would be writing novels all day long, or staring out at the sunset as my poetry records the event. Instead, I write poetry, business plans, essays, short stories, novels, grant proposals, ads, and general copywriting, just to keep myself forming words that will affect people out there in the cosmos. Every writing is a new adventure, changing because my work is diversified, and writing never becomes boring because of the daily challenges. I am still in control, and satisfied with people enjoying my work, even when they don’t know it’s mine.

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