“The best relationships are smothered in laughter.”

“Contemplation combined with action is the ultimate success.”

(C) 2011, all rights reserved

“Those who plant the seeds of hope in others will always have hope themselves.”

“It is easier to reach for the stars if you believe in what is beyond.”

“The spirit of competition exists so that we push ourselves to be greater; it is the incentive that drives us to the finish line.”

“Our friendship goes under my list of lifetime achievements.”

“The calmness of the ocean can just be calmness– it doesn’t have to be before a storm.”

“Gallant music doth stir men to bravery and action.”

“Music is the elegance of the soul.”

“Music is a mother’s heart speaking.”

“Live in music, and the melody will carry you through.”

“A child’s laughter is music from God.”

“Always wear pants with pockets.”  For Jacob Darke, from The Wisdom of Age 2

All quotes copyrighted October 2009.  All rights reserved.


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