Posted by: Shara | May 7, 2017

Why Do I Procrastinate?

When there is a work project I know that I will have to do… When there is a home or car repair that I know should be done… When I need to follow up on something like a doctor’s appointment… Why do I procrastinate?

Why do I put off all that I don’t want to do, only to come back later to do it because I’m stressed about a deadline or because the damage worsened? BECAUSE I’M HUMAN! That’s not an excuse; it’s a fact. But I don’t like that kind of stress. I don’t want to be that person.

So, today I am accepting accountability. I take on a new mantra!

I am in charge of myself.

I am in charge of my life.

I take action and do what needs to be done so that I can be free of burden!

I imagine myself in a decade, giving “now-me” advice. “It doesn’t matter whether or not you are repeating things you have done in the past if it drives you forward. Whether or not your next challenges will be so easy that it can be painful to make yourself do, like having to take required training you have ten years of experience for, or so tough that those experiences leave you struggling to breathe, DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU! I know that sometimes you have to “jump through the hoops.” I chose this path you’re on, and it was the best thing I could have done. Things are hard now, but they prove to be worth every trial. Accept what these choices entail, and keep making the right ones… the hard ones. You’re going to have to “just suck it up” and “DO IT!” It’s easier if you jump in and go than resist what you will end up doing anyway. Find peace in your decisions and GO FOR IT!”

I support everyone in the middle of this life journey, because we can only make it when we do it together.

Posted by: Shara | May 6, 2017

When Society’s Lost

When Society’s Lost


I heard a man, with disdain,

Call someone an ugly name.

A man’s race attacked,

Defenses ransacked,

But the first man took no blame.


When one man hates another

Just because of skin color,

It comes at what cost–

Society’s loss,

Where no one can be brothers.


Racism’s not died away,

Though it belongs in decay.

We must fight for peace,

For equality;

By example, lead the way.


(Thank you for joining me on a limerick exploration.)



Posted by: Shara | May 5, 2017

Invisible Struggle

Invisible Struggle
My son has friends he plays with.
He doesn’t disturb his class.
He doesn’t rage or speak out;
He does what the teacher asks.
He hates loud noises at school.
He’s bugged when peers disrespect.
He won’t turn in his homework
If he knows it was perfect.
His smiles hide the inner rage
That comes from anxiety.
His quiet self hides his views;
Seeing the world differently.
He yells and sobs when upset;
Quick change takes his self control.
The subjects he knows surprise;
His autistic mind’s his mold.
He doesn’t want to be held,
This unique angel of mine.
His light he spreads is golden;
He came from somewhere divine.
His struggles are no different
Than what the rest of us face.
His are all invisible;
But he belongs in this place.
The earth serves all God’s children–
Has enough for each soul’s needs.
We’re here to help each other;
God wants us ALL to succeed!
Remember, everyone succeeds differently!
Posted by: Shara | May 4, 2017

Disney Fascination

Disney Fascination


Fascinated by the stories they live

The children stare with widened eyes,

While entranced in those magical moments

Of the wicked dragon’s demise


Dancing princesses, glorious villains,

And a hero to save the day

All parading on theatrical stage

Childhood fantasy displayed


Don’t knock the short freedom of innocence

Taken away from kids too soon

Let them dream in their swords and tea parties

While Peter Pan howls at the moon

Posted by: Shara | May 3, 2017

The Fall of Arthur

The Fall of Arthur

Shara Darke, copyright 2017
Posted by: Shara | May 3, 2017

To What Makes Us Stronger

Posted by: Shara | May 2, 2017

Prayer For My Friends

My Dearest Friends,

For friends you all are, my life has been blessed because of you. I am a better person for having known each of you, and I keep every one of you in my thoughts, hopes, and prayers. The way that I have changed for the better, that I am closer to God, is because you were willing to share with me—with all of us—and contribute your hearts and souls to the connections we have built here between us. I am grateful to God for this unique opportunity that brought us all here together, and I am grateful to all of you for caring about me.

May your week be amazing and powerful. May you receive all the blessings of the Lord, and be watched over in your journeys.

Shara Darke

Posted by: Shara | May 2, 2017

Dear Challenge

Love Letters:    My Strongest Companion, Challenge

Dear Challenge,

You know me better than I know myself, though I know that I often pretend that it’s the other way around. On a good day you see me on the rise, exuberant and exultant, riding on the elation of the win. On a bad day, you hear me cursing your name, battling to overcome the scars that come from a long and difficult relationship with one such as you. I know that the tests and trials are what unify us, and we have seen many together. The hardships we have navigated in the name of life have left me grateful that I have grown… and grateful that I did not know what was ahead at that time.

I am humbled by your constant presence, for I have discovered that I need you in every way in my life. Your very essence is my drive for living, learning, growing, and pushing myself to be greater than I was. I thrive on the ideas you bring to the table. My mental focus is sharper because you teach me to fight for clarity and deeper understanding. My emotional balance rides on whether I can overcome the obstacles you throw in my path; my peace comes from knowing that I ran (or slogged) straight through, and not away from, every task. My physical side might need a bit of work, and though you have offered many incentives for change, I know that I have been more resistant than necessary. I know you will encourage my betterment in that area, too, because confidence in my body is hard to come by. All of my spiritual strength has come from you. Knowing that life would not be easy doesn’t change my desire to have you in my life. If it weren’t for you, the God that I know, the Savior that I love, and the family that I seek to hold forever would elude me. As a companion, you are the one truth I have in my life. I know that you have my best interests at heart.

In my most honest moments, I admit that sometimes I have not wanted to see this through. There have been days when I thought I might not make it to the finish line. Whenever I push, you push back. I know this only creates opportunities for me to grow, and I am learning to accept that. I need you to know that I am thankful for you, and that I know with all my heart that there is nothing better for me.


Posted by: Shara | May 1, 2017

Never Underestimate

“Never underestimate the power of small!” –Shara Darke

When we feel small, when the world makes us feel small, we must remember that the power the world rides on… is small! We need “small.” Small drives life; embrace it!


“Never underestimate the power of small!” –Shara Darke

Posted by: Shara | May 1, 2017

Choose Your Words…

As someone who mournfully tucked away the flowing ink and parchment and said goodbye to a dying age in favor of typing at breakneck speed to keep up with my ADD-driven thoughts, I understand Hal Zina Bennett’s exploration of the creation of a writer in Born to Write. Some of us have thoughts constantly flurrying through our minds so quickly that we wonder how anyone could be lacking in potential material. Some of us come under the pressure gun of career deadlines to create something useful. Some of us are writers… and some of us just love painting our thoughts on a monitor canvas.

I am a writer who paints thoughts. Was I born a writer? I have no idea. I don’t remember that time of my life. What I do remember is that, by age three, I was a reader. And I was creative. I had parents that channeled my creativity into craft projects, exploration, and encouraged the dreams that lived in my head. They taught me to read at an early age, and opened up worlds in space, house fairies, and far-away gypsies in bright costumes. My first passion was devouring other people’s stories. Nancy Drew was my six-year-old heart’s heroine. I wielded words well from the moment I learned to speak, and I was fascinated by the power they held. I wrote my first poem in second grade. I didn’t receive any top awards for writing. I never made that childhood jump into the editorial section for an argument well-stated.

I never stopped writing.

I have a talent for motivating people. I have skills and talents for public speaking, understanding what someone else needs to hear, for connecting with other people soul-to-soul, for communicating in ways that open minds, and for thinking on my feet. Writing well is talent. Writing well is skill. Writing well is hard work, determination, passion, and persistence. Talents and skills are nothing without passion and persistence, because the moment letters are used to shape feelings the reality can’t be stuffed back into a box. My soul exposed allows for that heartless critique to relentlessly dig away at that carefully penned therapy and tears word from page, leaving me with only passion and persistence to fuel me rising up again defiantly and proving I will not die. Writing, then, is ultimately courage. My unseen work as a writer, gears twirling as the adage goes, is the constant pondering of experience, life, and wisdom that comes from the hard work of delving into my soul more deeply than philosophers are willing to look so that I can lay myself bare for all to see in hopes that they will learn lessons from me that I had to learn through the breath of mortality. My raison d’etre, my triumph, for my writing journey is that the rush of being alive is renewed every time I finish a work.

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