About the Author

Reading came easily to me, as I turned the words into movies in my head.  I was reading Nancy Drew at six, and Les Miserables by Victor Hugo at eleven.  The pictures swirling through my imagination led to new worlds, and I found that answering the writing prompts of my teachers came easily to me.  Words were not just words… they were a tool used to create beautiful imagery.  On long trips, I made up stories to tell my siblings so that they could fall asleep in the car.  I wrote poetry for those I loved, and began to explore my inner self through this form.  In college, I discovered the true art of Greek argumentation, the finite and unbiased starkness of discourse, and the ideals of poetic imagery.

After two children, the novel-writing and poetry were put on hold in favor of more challenging ventures like writing business plans and letters for donation acquisition.  Articles that I wrote found their way into the local paper.  Editing jobs helped me focus my own writing better.

Today, I am in the midst of attempting to write myself into existence.  One year to finish my book.  One year to write, continually, and move myself to where I know I could be in my literary experience.  One year of rediscovering the joys of penned journey.

First poem written:  age 7

First time placing in a poetry contest:  age 11

First time being published:  category/poetry, age 13

Shara enjoys the support of her amazing husband, David, and her three beautiful and funny children.  They teach her new things every day.



  1. At the age of 12 months, Shara spoke in three word sentences. At the age of 4, Shara could read, was into the begining of writing and always making up stories of numerous subjects, especially fantasy. At an early age, it was very evident that many special abilities had blessed her life. Intellect, music, words, and leadership were just a few. Shara’s parents, sisters, brother, nieces and nephews, and extended family all share in support in her life’s journey.

  2. You have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award. It is always a pleasure reading your posts. Keep up the good work!
    To accept the award, please go here for details http://normamartiri.wordpress.com/awards-publications/1891-2/

  3. Thanks for introducing me to Les Miserables at age 13. Do you remember us listening to the music in your room? How time flies cousin.

    • I remember LOTS of hanging out and enjoying life! Was good to have a Hawaiian cous around! Also enjoyed running into you in school, and the drives! Yaaaa!

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