Posted by: Shara | May 13, 2017


Why must people insist upon using the word



I deserve…

She deserves…

They deserve…

but do they?

If “deserve” means “worthy,”

I want to know– worthy of what?

Does she really deserve ice cream?

Does he actually deserve a raise for surfing the internet?

Does the gang member mouthing off truly deserve respect?


Does the African mother making food

out of clay for her starving children

deserve respect?

Does the sweatshop worker

making $2 a day on a 12-hour shift

deserve a raise?

Does the voice of reason, under oppression,

afraid of being silenced but still speaking out

deserve respect?

Does the world deserve clean water?

Do the children deserve a fighting chance at life?

Do the people who cry at night with no money or food

deserve compassion?

Yes please, Life, give people what they deserve!


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