Posted by: Shara | May 11, 2017

Classic Humanity Unmasked

When books become classic,

With flair for dramatics,

And the reader’s along for the ride,

These choice books’ structured tones–

Penned by authors well-known–

Prove what happens to those misguided.

Where’s Hyde without Jekyll?

The world’s worst debacle

Was Doc Frankenstein’s experiment.

In truest vampire form,

Count Drac liked his blood warm.

Lord of the Flies was frenzied torment.

Once a madd’ning raven

Proved the mind’s no haven

For those suffering companion’s loss.

An old car reigned supreme,

LeBay called her Christine,

She would ne’er let a human be boss.

Flee big brother no more

In 1984,

Big government has won all control.

Set the books to burning;

No fight for free-thinking,

Robot firemen have lost their souls.

There’s the myst’ry to solve

With an armored resolve;

Sherlock’s observations ignited.

Justice is to be met—

Sinful decade-old debts—

When Monte Cristo’s wrongs are righted.

Social justice fought for,

By boys keeping score,

Barely escaped by young Ponyboy.

A love kept in secret

From long feud to protect;

Two young, innocent lives did destroy.

The raw power of word

To point out what’s occurred—

Humanity’s triumphs and mistakes—

How mankind turns out next

Isn’t just story text,

People must change before it’s too late.


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