Posted by: Shara | May 7, 2017

Why Do I Procrastinate?

When there is a work project I know that I will have to do… When there is a home or car repair that I know should be done… When I need to follow up on something like a doctor’s appointment… Why do I procrastinate?

Why do I put off all that I don’t want to do, only to come back later to do it because I’m stressed about a deadline or because the damage worsened? BECAUSE I’M HUMAN! That’s not an excuse; it’s a fact. But I don’t like that kind of stress. I don’t want to be that person.

So, today I am accepting accountability. I take on a new mantra!

I am in charge of myself.

I am in charge of my life.

I take action and do what needs to be done so that I can be free of burden!

I imagine myself in a decade, giving “now-me” advice. “It doesn’t matter whether or not you are repeating things you have done in the past if it drives you forward. Whether or not your next challenges will be so easy that it can be painful to make yourself do, like having to take required training you have ten years of experience for, or so tough that those experiences leave you struggling to breathe, DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU! I know that sometimes you have to “jump through the hoops.” I chose this path you’re on, and it was the best thing I could have done. Things are hard now, but they prove to be worth every trial. Accept what these choices entail, and keep making the right ones… the hard ones. You’re going to have to “just suck it up” and “DO IT!” It’s easier if you jump in and go than resist what you will end up doing anyway. Find peace in your decisions and GO FOR IT!”

I support everyone in the middle of this life journey, because we can only make it when we do it together.


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