Posted by: Shara | May 5, 2017

Invisible Struggle

Invisible Struggle
My son has friends he plays with.
He doesn’t disturb his class.
He doesn’t rage or speak out;
He does what the teacher asks.
He hates loud noises at school.
He’s bugged when peers disrespect.
He won’t turn in his homework
If he knows it was perfect.
His smiles hide the inner rage
That comes from anxiety.
His quiet self hides his views;
Seeing the world differently.
He yells and sobs when upset;
Quick change takes his self control.
The subjects he knows surprise;
His autistic mind’s his mold.
He doesn’t want to be held,
This unique angel of mine.
His light he spreads is golden;
He came from somewhere divine.
His struggles are no different
Than what the rest of us face.
His are all invisible;
But he belongs in this place.
The earth serves all God’s children–
Has enough for each soul’s needs.
We’re here to help each other;
God wants us ALL to succeed!
Remember, everyone succeeds differently!

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