Posted by: Shara | August 10, 2011

Family History

I have not had a chance to post in a while, as I have been working on some family stories for my husband’s side of the family.  The matriarch of the family has recently been doing worse with every day that passes, and her stories are going to be lost if anything happens to her.  I have been trying to get those stories written down, so that someday my children and future generations will know this noble and wonderful woman.

This kind of work is interesting, because the stories told by her are not told the same way as they are by her children.  She laughs things off that they flinch at, or she is very straight-forward about things that make the others want to cry.  And all the while, I am getting to know her as she is, who she was, and how she wants to be remembered.  It’s funny that all of those phases can be so different for a single person.

Every person has a story, and while many might think some of those stories boring or mundane, I believe that is because the stories weren’t told right!  There is always a good story there, it just needs to be captured correctly.  I hope that I can finish this process before it’s too late… that would be a sad affair indeed.


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