Posted by: Shara | July 14, 2011

Taken For Granted

It’s interesting how we can take someone’s presence for granted, maybe not even talking to her on a serious interaction level while she is around, and then noticing her absence so completely when she is gone.  This week, my daughter has been gone to camp, and both of my sons and I have noticed her absence.  The laughter is less.  (There is no sack of potatoes on my couch, hehe.)  There hasn’t been someone that can play with them and take them outside besides myself, because the older son isn’t old enough (legally) to take the younger one out.  There is definitely a dry spell on jokes, and the creativity of making up new games hasn’t been heard while I have been trying to work.  I keep hoping that camp is going all right, that she didn’t get too wet and rained on, or that she is getting along well with others.  I also keep hoping she isn’t getting bitten as the cream for her allergic reactions didn’t make it into her bags.  In short, we all miss her!  There HAS to be a way to balance trying to work at home (even if it is for free at the moment) and having happy children with an interactive mom.  Ideas and struggle time….


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