Posted by: Shara | July 5, 2011


I read an awesome poem by a friend about the power of the smile.  In my response to it, I said, “You are so right, and it means that we should not reserve them, for a lost chance to smile is a moment wasted!”  It triggered lots of thoughts about the need we have to share smiles.  Even when we try to deny it, we are social creatures.  And the interaction and touch that we need helps us to grow and find confidence.  A smile, from a friend or loved one, or a stranger, can completely change how my day is going.  It leaves me smiling, too, and more willing to work on making someone else’s day better.  Find something to think about that makes smiling a constant, today, and see how long that smile can last.  Only good things will come of it!

I wanted to share an appropriate poem that was written for my niece who has just started smiling at all of us.



Smiling, dimpled

Cherubic chubby cheeks

Drop-splashed with delighted surprise



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