Posted by: Shara | July 1, 2011


The Hawaiian word, ‘honu,’ (hoe-new) is specifically used for the green sea turtle.  This turtle is deeply ingrained in the hearts of the Hawaiian people for its gentle nature and graceful ways.  The honu represents long life.  If some representation of this turtle is gifted to you, especially with a line that goes from the head to the tail, it speaks of the desire of the giver for the recipient to live a strong, healthy, long life.

These creatures are greatly endangered.  The toxins that are draining into the world’s oceans are causing sores and death for the turtles, as well as the world’s reefs.  More of the world’s reefs die each year, and this loss of habitat infringes on their existence.  The damage of fishing, dangers to their offspring and destruction of their breeding grounds decreases the numbers of new turtles every year.

To bring awareness to the plight of the sea turtles, I wrote this tribute in tanka form  (‘Wai’ is water in Hawaiian.)


Hawaiian Honu

Gentle green sea turtle’s name

Represents long life

Gliding through vast ocean’s wai

Well-lived, peaceful survivor

For more information or to see how you can help, please visit the sites below.  Mahalo!

honu picture

Name: KUAI


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