Posted by: Shara | June 30, 2011

Can I Keep You?

Can I Keep You?

My husband came home to say that he was a jerk,

Or so he was informed by a woman from work.

She stepped out of her office and into the hall.

Saw him holding hands, and was greatly appalled.

“What are you doing?  He’s married!” the woman thought.

“Get your hands off him!  He has already been sought!”

Then, with a dark blush, she realized her mistake.

That was his WIFE walking, not some cheap little flake!

She told him what happened with obvious chagrin;

She lost some words and hadn’t known how to begin.

Her explanation for this, she said with shy look,

Was that subtle flirtation she saw and mistook…

“For long-married people don’t do that,” she stated,

“Fifteen years usually dries up on ‘dated.’ “

He laughed, then he kissed me, and said with a smile,

“So, Ma Belle Amour, will you stay for a while?

Can I keep you, forever, to talk with, to plan?”

After nod and embrace, I thanked God for this man!


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