Posted by: Shara | June 29, 2011

Life Memories

I am working on my Grandmother’s life memories, and finding it hard to change her words.  I could be the most brilliant editor, and because I can hear her speaking in my head, I have to focus so much more.  She told me to change things, clarify the work… but she is my grandmother.  That respected role in my life alters my view of her words.  Of course, this is her history and she is not asking for it to be a best seller.  I have just found the journey through her thoughts heart-rending at times.

I find that being able to connect with my family members, read stories that directly affect my life and speak of where I came from, make for an interesting literary journey.  I read others’ stories, fiction and nonfiction.  I read fantasy and poetry and essay.  But the words that alter me the most are the ones that echo from my past.  Sometimes even from a past that was gone before I existed.  With the connection to each other that we are all trying to make, I think that the ongoing thread of humanity, stretching from the “beginning,” is the best source of “self” we could find.


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