Posted by: Shara | June 28, 2011

The Gift of Service

Service is spoken of frequently in our society.  Many religious and community organizations, and youth groups participate.  But what is service, really?  Service is voluntary work and donation of time and resources that helps either the planet, living things on this planet, or human beings.  Service is often a sacrifice, whether giving of time or resources, because it is usually not easy and often not convenient.

It can DEFINITELY be fun, and the reward of accomplishment usually encourages people to continue doing it.  It’s not self-reward that most people focus on, though.  Many help because they know that what they do, no matter how small, is impacting the world.

My family once took on a goal of one hundred service projects in one year.  Projects like helping weed Grandpa’s garden counted.  We were doing so much service, though, that we lost track.  So I am implementing it again.  The challenge–  one meaningful act/project of service each month, that either requires at least five hours of service, or a minimum of three people.  In reality, this is easily achievable.  So, July 1, I want to hear how others serve, and what everyone is doing to get out and participate in the world!


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