Posted by: Shara | June 27, 2011

Rick Riordan, Author

Book Review!  Choose an author’s work that you feel stands out.  I am choosing Rick Riordan this month.  He is the author of three series based in two different mythological beliefs; Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, and the Kane Chronicles (based on ancient Egyptology).  An adult author?  Technically, no, but I thoroughly enjoyed these books.  I believe that all ages will connect to the youthful, adventurous spirit of them!

They are full of action, adventure, and well-developed characters.  Those characters are either lovable, hateful, or charismatic.  Either way, they move the plot forward smoothly, sheerly because their actions are believable.  The molding of ancient, ‘boring’ beliefs into 21st century settings occurs with seamless transition.  The writing technique should bring to life the histories and mysteries surrounding these ancient cultures for new generations to enjoy.

I highly recommend these books for youth and adults alike.  They just might open your eyes to the common in our world, and make you wonder what you are missing!


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