Posted by: Shara | June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers’ Day

Happy Father’s Day to the two most amazing men in my life!  My father and my husband continue to be shining examples of life, love, and learning for me.

One of my favorite memories about this day is that once every ?seven years or so, I have the opportunity to share this day with my father on my birthday. This year is one of those years.  He buys me a red rose every year.  On this day, made even more meaningful by the fact that I share it with the people I love, I scheduled a gathering and told them to come and hang out with me.  Let’s take it easy, talk, and enjoy a moment in our lives.  That celebratory feeling makes me more nostalgic, it seems.

The gratitude I wanted to express was put down in words (almost) perfectly by Richard Marx.  (I say almost, because he talks about seeing him in the mirror, and I can see a resemblance, but I don’t look in the mirror and see my father.  That honor is reserved for my mother.)  The song he wrote was for his father that he lost some time ago, but has never lost sight of.  When we were watching his concert last night, I also thought of my mother in attendance at the concert, who lost her father a few months ago.  Dad, I feel this way about our relationship, and I want you to know that NOW.









May this day bring you closer to those you love, and help strengthen bonds and relationships.


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