Posted by: Shara | June 15, 2011

Say It To My Face

What we say behind people’s backs should be something we are willing to say to their faces.  This might seem to be taking a different tack at the moment than where I am currently going with it, however.  We shouldn’t speak badly of others, of course.  But, do we let them know the GOOD things we think about them?  Do they know what we say about them to someone else?  I bet not.

I have a sweet friend who has a heart of gold.  She loves babies and children, she speaks softly, laughs alot and doesn’t take herself seriously, and will do anything that she possibly can for others.  A few months ago, she called, struggling, and talked to me for a while about how some people told her they viewed her.  (How awful were they!)  I told her what I thought of her.  She ended up being more quiet and pensive than before.  Finally, she asked me, “Is that how you really view me?”  I told her that it always was, of course, because she was not my friend out of pity!  And, I reminded her that I don’t tell people things I don’t mean just to make them feel good.  She got off the phone sounding so much better!  I realized that maybe I need to say the positive things I think aloud more, and to the people those thoughts are about.

I have stopped people to tell them that they look smashing today.  I have complimented people on their children.  I have told people (as well as giving them an extra large tip) that their service was extraordinary!  I haven’t been told off yet!

Last night, my husband and I sneaked out for a bite and some alone time.  We went to one of the only places open that late, and where we know the server there.  He is always really good to us, makes sure that the food comes out the way we like it, and spends a bit of time talking or joking.  He’s pretty awesome.  I can’t consider him a friend, as we haven’t talked that way, but he is definitely someone that we like to be around when we go there.  My husband accidentally left his wallet at home, and so I stayed there while he ran to get it.  In the interim, I wrote a poem about our waiter.  I know that we always tip him well.  But I don’t know that we ever told him how much we appreciate his service.  So, I did something that may have freaked the poor guy out, and left a poem on his table with the tip.

Our Favorite Spot

His name is Tim.

The waiter

At our favorite spot

Always greets us

With a warm “Hello!”

We joke around

Through the meal

Smiling and laughing

We enjoy

The camaraderie there

Because it’s comfortable

And we are well taken care of

By Tim.


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