Posted by: Shara | June 14, 2011

Growing Pains

Being a writer means that every word is weighed. I do my best to make it realistic, I work on making the writing interesting… and it gets hard to “let go” of my words when they need to be edited.  I have been doing editing of others’ works, and working on being able to edit my own works from a removed perspective in the process.  I realize that everyone has opinions, and those opinions normally affect how we view something.  The goal is to be able to know the tricks of the trade so that the piece can be gauged on its own merit and not on the emotional reaction to the work.  When honesty and detail are used to give an author an outsider’s view of his work, he can use this to better appreciate his strengths and work on his weaknesses. I do not set out to be harsh, but to be fair, truthful, and hopefully help others gain insight.  It is only fair, then, for me to accept this in return.

It is always hard to hear that someone might not be enamored with my work.  But if I would like to sell my work, and especially if I want to be published, I need to be open to what people would like to read and what they want to feel.  Is this selling out?  Maybe.  However, I do not see anything wrong with writing for others and writing for myself.  Some of my poetry will stay hidden; it’s just for me.  Some of my poetry or stories were written about or for other people, and I give them those writings.  Writing should be a reflection of the writer, and this can be done while writing to an audience.  A true writer won’t lose sight of himself, won’t lose the focus of his work, if he knows himself.  And perhaps an exploration of self through the work can bring greater discoveries.

Today’s poem addresses the reviewing process, and the writer’s struggles with it.

Growing Pains

Pains of knowing that the words weren’t right
Had me working hard to rein them in tight.
When darkened pen claimed rest at midnight,
I thought it best to wait until the light.

I found no written ending, instead,
There seemed to be no answer in my head.
The success of focused word lay dead.
Nothing was what had managed to be said.

My poetry needed attention!
Outside help would surely ease my tension.
I just needed a mentor’s session…
Was I ready for others’ expressions?

Growing pains have made this poet see
That pains of growing hurt enormously.
I fight the same ones who would teach me
Instead of allowing change easily.

The images have formatted well
In poems and stories I need to tell,
Thanks to reviewers who felt compelled
To be honest about which works repel!



  1. […] Growing Pains: […]

    • YAY!

  2. I like your sincerity. All of us seek to understand and hope to be understood. Poetry is the tool to gain understanding.
    Keep going!

    • It’s true! Poetry is an amazing outlet- and can be hard to take an honest edit on. Still, I try to get out of my own way so that I can grow! : ) Thanks for the comment!

  3. best regards.

    the search for acceptance is universal.
    love your theme, well done.

    Happy Rally.

    • Yes! And having a place that helps you find that helps a person so much! Thank you for the praise!

  4. I have that sort of writers OCD too. It produces good results at least!

    • LOL, you are the first to realize the kind of OCD reflected here. I can’t admit that though, nope, nope!

  5. Funny ending (: In the Rally no poems repel. But I think you do a good job here. A 1-rhyme quatrain is hard to pull off,

    • Thank you for the mechanics review! I like it when people notice the tools I am trying to use!

  6. hehe, this is clever and by it’s honestly displls the tension of ‘will this please’ :] thanks. it’s great. :] xx

    • Thank you for your insightful response! I appreciate the support!

  7. #dispels..

  8. “When darkened pen claimed rest at midnight,” I just have to say I love this line! I find its easier to digest constructive criticism, I am at a loss of what to do with detached negative statements. There are a lot of fantastic writers here at wordpress I don’t count myself in that group but there really are and they have so much to teach. I have dyslexia so I could always use an extra set of eyes. I admit to being a selfish writer and its probably why my work isn’t going to become popular. I want to find a nice underground quirky sort of publisher not sure how to go about that but that’s the plan. I very much enjoy your sincerity and good luck I have a feeling you will do fabulously =)

    • I agree with the negative comments. If it isn’t about the mechanics, and it isn’t about the technicalities, grammar, or punctuation, that means about subject matter and writing style preference. Sometimes those people should just move on. I try to stay strictly to what would make the writing better, as it isn’t my job to tell a writer what to write about. Thank you so much for you generous comments!

  9. Hello.
    First off, I shall say thank you for your honesty.

    Writing is a form of release for me. I never went to any special school to study the rules and regulations of writing, I just write from the heart. What I write may not be to everybody’s liking and that’s OK, because I don’t always understand what some people write either.

    I do believe there are times when one needs to be critiqued, especially if one is interested in being published. However, when that critiquing borders on being insulting and down right rude, that person needs to keep his/her opinions to his/herself.

    Before I started blogging, I only allowed a few friends & family to read my work. Since I started blogging a few months ago, my confidence has grown and I’ve even joined a few communities and contribute regularly.

    The best advice I can offer you is to continue writing…even if it’a just one word. The muse takes a break sometimes, but it’s always with you. Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t do this or you should do that. Only you know what feels right to you.

    Best wishes with your writing and I shall look forward to reading more from you.

    Here’s my Rally entry:

    • Thank you so much for your supportive words and willingness to step out there and take a risk! The poet’s heart is often exposed and vulnerable, and yet we can do nothing else if our writing is to be worth the words. Your encouragement of others is noble, and I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me heart to heart. Thank you so much for the comment, and good luck in the rallies!

  10. You are most welcome.

    Have a great week ahead!

  11. Writing is my saving grace. When I have nowhere to run, no one to confide with, I get my pen and write. I certainly connected with your lovely work. On the side note, people write for different reasons, but indeed if you want to sell, the audience’s participation must be taken into account then…you could do that or continue to write whatever makes you happy not because you were compelled to write because it sells. But hey, whatever floats your boat ^^, At the end of it, it’s what your heart wants that matters.

    • I used to do the write for myself and everyone else can go jump. : ) Now I have found a happy medium. On here, I post for myself and those who are willing to support that, and I have another commercial avenue for writing what sells. The difference is, while I do let people tell me what to write about (like subject) or how to write it (sometimes I am given specific style and format), I discovered that the one thing that keeps my writing truly me is that I will never write about or say something for others that I would not have said myself. They are still my words… just directed. That is the amazing diversity of writers. We can take the content and mold and shape it! And you are right, of course, in the end it DOES matter what our hearts say! I appreciate you taking a stand on that matter!

      Thank you for responding to my work. I love detailed responses that make me and others think!

  12. Hello! What you said sounds so familiar to me… I really enjoyed the idea of writing about a process we usually tend to ignore. In my own experience, writing can be easy and pleasant or, just like you said, a growing pain… Well done!

    • Thank you so much for your descriptive reaction and supportive comments! I am glad you came to read!

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