Posted by: Shara | June 11, 2011

Indiana Jones Tribute

When I was growing up, I wasn’t the typical girlie girl.  I didn’t like chick flicks, I didn’t like people dying or breaking up at the end, and I didn’t think that Gone With the Wind was my kind of romance.  I know… heartbreaking, isn’t it?  I wasn’t a helpless girl who needed someone else to carry her suitcases, and I didn’t ask a guy to do something I could not.  (How DID my husband marry me?)  What I DID love, were the kind of shows like “Undercover Blues,” where women like Kathleen Turner turned up with a sexy romance with Dennis Quaid, and being each other’s perfect balance.  I loved adventure, wanted to be an archaeologist, and discover amazing treasures.  Sadly, while I was growing up there was no Lara Croft, or she would have been my idol.  As it was, Indiana Jones held my fancy, along with the rest of that cult following, and made his way into common pop culture with a whip and a fear of snakes.

I listed this poem for review, and one gentleman gave me top props for it!  Ten bucks says that he was a bit older than I , and got to watch the original movies when they came out IN THE THEATER.  Awesome!

I used the title as a silent tenth line in this nonet.  A nonet starts at nine syllables in a line, and every following line loses one syllable until the count is down to one.  This is my nonet tribute!

The Adventures of Indiana Jones!

Fighting bad guys and saving some chick,
Girls seem to think that makes him slick.
Riding in to save the day,
Escape is his forte.
He finds a rare stone
Amidst dry bones.



  1. How awesome is that! I grew up watching the movies. A trip down memory lane that is for sure. Keep it up!

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