Posted by: Shara | June 10, 2011

Start My Day

I’ve noticed that it can be easy to slip into the trend of following what others are doing, or doing what seems to be “easier.”  I say seems, because it appears to be that way, but it isn’t always reality.  I am talking about mood, in particular.  Mood, karma, outlook, perspective… it’s all the same.  With the tiniest effort, we can control this.  I was reading some poetry, doing some editing and critiquing for people, and it was early morning.  Many of the ones I was reading were depressing, and the more I read, the more down I felt.  After one particular one that I am surprised didn’t mention something about ending it then and there, I decided that I had had enough!  Why was I reading this?  I found a favorite author, went and enjoyed some of her poetry for a while, and then sat down to write.

I don’t want to start my day
Dripping into dark decay.
I don’t want to feel that way!

I can’t stay in cheerless cloud,
My soul just can’t be that loud,
Buried deep in distressed shroud.

I won’t let myself decree
That my whole life’s unhappy.
That isn’t where I must be.

I want joy to refine my heart,
Hopefully, find a ME jump-start
That makes the heaviness depart.

Today I will find something new.
Explore the world with what I do,
And maybe make some new friends, too.

There are mysteries that hover;
With scores of things to uncover,
Unique people to discover.

See migration of butterflies.
Hear a calm newborn baby’s sigh.
Watch children look toward the sky.

This was written after reading all of the dismal news and some horrifying stories of things that have been happening in the world. I have no problem realistically facing what is, but I don’t feel that giving in to being weighed down is going to solve it!

The first 3 stanzas all have 7 syllables, and the last 4 each have 8 syllables. This is meant to add additional emphasis to the uplifting second portion by adding one syllable each and one stanza.

Find something good in your day today!


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