Posted by: Shara | June 9, 2011

Essence of Water

This poem was originally entered into the Wonders of Water contest. The rules were: To enter this local contest, write a poem, your interpretation of the Wonders of Water. Please don’t use that exact phrase in the title.

Montana is known as The Blue Sky state. (Just as a point of trivia, each of these descriptions takes place in a different state.)

The Essence of Water

The essence of water
Evokes memories,
Tempts my eyes and teases my tongue,
And hails with proud tone
The Earth, our caregiver…

Pensive arms around folded knees,
Golden-sunned sand warming my feet,
I watch the sky turn to midnight red
Over a vast horizon of ebb and flow
Of foaming waves…

The steady washing of the boulders
By the glinting water’s hand,
Soothed with constant, rhythmic hum
Like serenity drowning out the city
With mountainous rivers…

Rainbows and dripping crystal
Slide down sloping mounds of rock,
Creating shining, tiered waterfalls,
Gently landscaping the stony canvas,
Hidden below the plains of Blue Sky…

Within the tall trees’ shadows,
People gather to taste the purity,
Cleansed through earth and plant,
Of the fresh mountain spring
Revitalizing the forest visitors…

Dancing in the smell of the rain,
A small child opens her arms and mouth
To the splashing blobs of wet wonder,
Uniting humanity under their shower
With transparent drops of life


Water has always been a wonderful toy, the essence of life, and symbolic to man in every way we can make it out to be.  The realization that it takes on so many beautiful forms doubles the awe-inspiring thought that it is ALL water.  Just that.  Waterfalls, rivers, lakes, oceans, clouds, streams, rain, snow, green grass, and US!  And every time I look at it, in any place I go, whether streaming out of a fountain or forming a place for the zoo penguins to swim, it’s like I am viewing it for the first time.

Now that the heat seems to be joining most areas here, and the cold is going away, go enjoy some water today!  Summer’s on!


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