Posted by: Shara | June 7, 2011

Finding Old Friends

There is nothing quite so nostalgic, quite so revitalizing, as finding a long-lost friend.  The thrills of reconnecting, the joy of memories, the capturing of the past, and the making up for lost time carry with them the power to make us insanely and unexpectedly happy.  A reunion also brings with it the knowledge that someone else has positive, even fond! memories of you, and wants to meet up again!

For somewhere down the road, we all seem to lose touch.  Busy, marriage, kids, busy, work, divorce, busy, life, responsibilities, busy….  It is almost like a renewal of spirit to reach out to someone who is simultaneously reaching out to you.

My daughter ran into such a friend, from long past.  (When the last time you saw each other was about half of your lifespan, it’s a long time!)  She searched out my family, as we are cultural and dedicated, and so there are certain places you may find us annually.  And there, we just happened to be, on that particular day, at that particular time, and in that particular place.

When they ran into each other, my daughter did not remember the girl, and I felt badly.  I knew that the reason she had forgotten her was because every friend she has ever had leaves, and so she was erasing painful memories.  But, I knew something my daughter didn’t.  This girl had come BACK!  She knew my daughter, knew the heart she carried, and remembered her.  She made an effort to find HER.  There is nothing that could make this mother’s aching heart cheer more.

I encouraged my daughter to talk to her, stood there talking to her and her family as well, and took pictures.  (I’m betting that my daughter thinks I am insane.)  Then, we took her phone number.  I told my own that I wanted her to call and reconnect with this friend over the summer.  My daughter has no idea what I am thinking, but she DID agree.  And I am making her stick to it.

This young girl is reaching out.  How wonderful it could be, the future of a friendship (and who knows how long it might last), and the sweet possibilities, if she takes the chance!

People need to say “yes” more often!



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