Posted by: Shara | June 6, 2011

Future, Such A Broad Term

Future.  It can be such a vague word.  It can be filled with promise.  It can drive someone to despair.

I went to the graduation of a nephew (on my husband’s side), who wore cap and gown in a class of 600.  As they announced the achievements of all of these new adults coming of age, the combination of their power, their prowess, their intellect, their skill was amazing.  Over $2.5 million in scholarship awards alone.  A dozen graduating with College Associate’s Degrees.  ?30 enlisted in military service to this country (U.S.).  It reminded me that our futures are ever-changing, and are affected by those around us, as well as personal choice.

There are many different parts of each individual’s future.  The future of the world, the future of the country, the future of our families, and of course, personal choice, all affect our outcomes.  This does NOT define, however, how MUCH we are affected, and whether we are affected positively or negatively.  That is totally left up to each of us to choose.  We decide.

Remember today, as you make each choice, that you get to decide how you will react and respond, and no one can take that away from you!




The sea of graduate hats

Crowning dreaming heads

Looked forward to the stage—

Listening for wisdom

Watching life’s examples


Serving as inspiration

For the watching crowd

Having valiantly united

Through tragedy and loss


They brought with them

Their own wisdom

And brightness of youth


They encourage with smiles

The knowledge that life


Is the ultimate adventure!


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