Posted by: Shara | June 4, 2011

This Country Isn’t Perfect

This poem is meant to speak to those within the heart of the U.S., though it could speak to any patriot of any country.  I wrote it a while back, when some people were complaining about the conditions here.  I told them that they had better be a part of the solution, then, or they were part of the problem.  Hating “what is” does not change it, nor does it make things better.  Actively working to improve things starts right here, with no. 1….


“Two sides of every coin”
Is the phrase that makes me think
About my call to duty,
From which I will not shrink.

Some complain about this land.
Does it make them feel better?
How many of them, I wonder,
Have spoken out by letter?

Flag burning is nothing new
When there is civil unrest;
Is it the flag or us
That is being put to the test?

The government would agree
To complete and total say,
But I still want to choose
What I do with my day.

People talk of moving
To places far away.
What happened to fighting for
Changes for which we’ll stay?

I speak freely when I want
Of matters I dislike.
If workers are unhappy,
They decide to go on strike.

This country isn’t perfect;
We have our crime and pain,
But I will not hide my head
Or duck down in silent shame.

I seek for change when needed,
But I will never doubt
That the way I choose to live
Is what this country’s about.

I stand with her, loyal
To the freedom I’ve been gifted;
In my heart I hear her call,
And my spirit’s lifted.


My grandfather was full-blooded German, and he fought in a world war against his own countrymen.  He believed that freedom from oppression, freedom to live, was the ultimate human right.  He saw horrific things, as a pilot who did bombing runs for the allies, and he lived with those images all his life.  He never regretted his service.  Actually, I believe that he would have regretted NOT helping when he knew he could have.  He was the Fire Department Chief for many years, and never sent in his men to do something that he wouldn’t do.  His sacrifices proved his loyalty, his honor, and his bravery.

Now, it is time to do more than just vote!  Don’t get me wrong, voting is a VERY important part of the process.  People have spent much time in jail and gone through some ugly trials to fight for the right to vote.  But more needs to be done.  We need to be ACTING!  Running for office, becoming involved in the process whether it’s getting petitions and writing letters, or lobbying for what we need.  We need to know what’s going on, not just by watching the news, but by reading the bills going up for passage, and looking at the history of those running for offices.  BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION!



  1. First off love the poem. I agree with the statement we need to be acting. it is extremely important that we start taking charge and changing things. If we do not like the way things are going we need to be the one to change them. Act! hehe love it keep going

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