Posted by: Shara | June 3, 2011

Hard Work Paid Off!

It can be hard to watch others accomplish things which you have not done, but always meant to do.  The interesting thing is, that isn’t how I feel about my younger sisters.  They are twins by birth, friends by nature, and my sisters by design.  I have never begrudged them their successes.  I always feel like cheering them on!  They have worked so hard in their lives to reach their goals, and they don’t stop.  One received some seriously awesome certification that would have given her a job forever, and she’s still going to school.  One has a steady job that is really quite solid, she shouldn’t get lost in budget cuts, but she had a dream that was on a slightly different path, and so she is pursuing it.

They graduated this May with their first major step of victory.  But they didn’t just graduate.  Each working two full time job equivalents, donating time to other causes, and still staying strongly active in their faith and spending time with family and friends, they carried credits over the “full time” mark.   My sisters graduated Phi Theta Kappa, and they both carried 15 credits hrs.  This is the national honors society that they wore the full insignia of at the commencement ceremony.  I want to applaud their stamina, their drive, and their fight to do what they set out to, in a day when those traits seem to be in short supply.  Here is my tribute to them!  Just showing pride!

With Honors

“Twins graduate with honors,”
The announcement stated.
I smiled at the thought
Of the work that equated.

I used to help my sisters
With homework “way back when.”
From art to paperwork,
I spent precious time with them.

They continued to college
To get that prized degree.
Jobs and full-time school
Both completed valiantly.

Diligent, dedicated,
They may toast their success.
Celebrate in capped gown
At their commencement address.


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