Posted by: Shara | May 31, 2011

Sing to Me

I wanted to have a lyrical day, so I thought to bring these ideas to the forefront.  Have you ever heard a child sing, in the sweet, lilting faraway voice of a child drifting in dreams?  Have you heard their painless nostalgia, weaving a path through your heart?  The poem that I wrote long ago was about love, and I felt that it didn’t do it justice.  But when I saw this gorgeous, little blonde-haired angel mothering her baby brother by the window in a sepia photograph, I knew that the rightful heir to the poem had arrived.

Sing to me as days go by,
Sing to me and time will fly.
Sing to me and before the morn,
My poor spirit will be reborn.

Sing to me a sweet, sweet song.
Sing to me until the dawn.
Sing to me with innocent voice,
And show me, too, how to rejoice.

Sing to me of sorrow great.
Sing to me at the garden gate.
Sing to me of love or woe,
Because wherever you lead, I go.

Sing to me of dancing dreams.
Sing to me of eyes that gleam.
Sing to me of anything;
All I want is to hear you sing.

Sing to me, wherever you are,
Sing to me, no matter how far.
Sing to me with sound well-known;
Leave a smile in echoing tones.

Music truly makes life magical.  Ordinary things, mundane, boring, or any other word used to sadly describe life gain grandeur again.  May you have much music added to your day.



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