Posted by: Shara | May 30, 2011

Don’t Rush the Future

When I but to the morrow turn my head,
And dare not look too close, but further on,
In haste, I run, to grievous grave lie dead,
Pulled back and forth until my spirit’s gone.

Too late, then, do I look behind and see
The grand things I did throw to ingrate pigs,
What my sad hurry rushed to make for me,
The hole for body that my soul did dig.

Stop, now, to tend the little rosy bud.
Enjoy the time that honest care does take.
The moment lived well lets emotion flood;
Of feeling does the starved soul partake.

Maintain the present in the search for peace;
All worries gifted windward where they cease.

Don’t rush the future, enjoy the present, too, is the message presented here.  I chose a hard form.  Sonnets are hard to write, especially in quaint Shakespearean style, but I took this one on.  I wanted the style to portray the “living elsewhere” that we often do in this fast-paced world.  Even my brother, whom I knew would analyze every inch of it, said that it was well done.  (This matters because he has such a high intellectual prowess that I was proud when he gave me the thumbs up.)  I think this is going to be my only one, because it is so difficult to do.

A lesson came from the perfecting of it, though.  I have a few people that I consider mentors, and they have been forcing me to write better and not just settle for mediocrity.  Not even once.  This has been good for me, and also painful at times.  During the process of this, I asked one lady how she made her poetry so perfect every time.  She told me that, if I wanted to write well, I needed to READ.  A LOT.  And not just anything, but the greats.  If I wanted to perfect something, I needed to spend time studying.  Write the crap for practice, don’t put it out to print, but keep trying.  You will get it.

I thought about this lesson in application to our lives in general.  If you want to do anything well, you need to do it or be involved WITH it!  A LOT!  And not just in any way.  Find the greats!  Find a mentor or coach!  Find someone who inspires you!  Study it ’til you can’t study it anymore, and then push on and do it again.  You will get it.

In relation to the meaning of the poem that I posted, I also wanted to point out that Cool Runnings is in order.  In the movie, he says that it means, “Peace be the journey.”  A journey like this is barely made once– in a lifetime.  Looking back, there will be so much pride.  But if you look forward the whole time that you MAKE the journey, the journey itself will be lost.  Follow every moment of the journey, even when you are downhearted and want to give up.  Understand the steps.  And then, once you have achieved success, if you ever need to do it again or show someone else how to do it, you have it in you!  For life.


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