Posted by: Shara | May 28, 2011

An Outstretched Hand



A soul,


Breathing last breaths…

Revived by your smile and outstretched hand.

Tetractys is a simple and interesting form of poetry. Write a poem, with only five lines. Each line adds one syllable until the last line, which has ten syllables.

There is no replacement for an outstretched hand. There are many out there who just need someone to notice them. All we have to do is offer….

Note: “Smile” is supposed to count for two syllables.

I wrote this as an entry a contest, but the theory behind it was so much more profound that I wanted to expound upon it.  That last moment of giving up, of feeling so hopeless and like no one cares… we have all been there.  It is nothing new.  Most of the time, the difference is whether or not there is someone there to step in.  A single soul can save a life, show them a different way, encourage change.  Are we going to be that soul?  Or will we stay ignorant, and notice nothing?


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