Posted by: Shara | May 26, 2011

When To Stop Eating

Whew, there is much to be updated!  Stay tuned, I will be throwing up lots of writing goodies and updates over the next week or so.  In the meantime, it’s good to be back!  We went on family vacation, deep cleaned the house, and the kids are almost free of school.  Now I can blog, free of guilt and unaccosted!

When I came back to creative writing, I thought that essay and short stories would be my forte.  Why?  Because most people don’t have the time to really read and “get” poetry.  I personally do not believe that the average person doesn’t get it.  I don’t think they want to/have the time to go through the indepth analysis it sometimes takes to dissect a poem.  That’s ok!  I seem to have much poetry streaming from me at the moment, though, along with a thousand other ideas of things I need to write, and so we shall see what comes of it all.

I began editing on another site about a month ago, to test my skills and get my feet wet.  About two weeks later, I decided to upgrade and start writing, as well.  I posted this:  It looks like it’s time to test the waters with my writing skills. I have pieces that are lying dormant, waiting to see if they should find the light or lay in shadow. (Apr 28)

The very next day, I decided to run a contest.  It was the most amusing thing in the world, because it was about food!    This was the posting:   I thought it was time to start a contest, and see what came of it! The amusing part of it is that the story itself came from a family laugh that happened while we were eating out. Enjoying food is a family tradition, as is enjoying the company sharing the food! Thus the contest, “The Enjoyment of Eating!” Good luck to those who enter! (Apr 29)

And the actual contest description: The enjoyment of eating! Yes, the contest entries can be about eating enjoyment, but they can also be about enjoyable times that happened while eating. Topic does not have to be addressed directly, but must be incorporated into piece. Readers should be able to laugh at the entries! Any type of submission, poetry, non-fiction, fiction, etc., is welcome. Works must be 300 words or less. Word count must be listed in author’s notes.

It was a grand old time, all entry positions filled, and people went to town with it!  The award winner was very well versed.  If I gain permission, I will post the work here.

So, the background story of this contest comes courtesy of my daughter, who will never cease to make me laugh.

My brothers and sisters and their families, and some cousins, and I went to a restaurant to celebrate a birthday.  In my family, we are the picture-perfect American melting pot all in one place.  We don’t worry about saying African-American instead of black, because my brother-in-law refers to himself as black.  We are Hawaiian and white by blood, though we also have a bit of everything from Chinese to a touch of Native American Indian mixed in there.  And my sister-in-law is of Hispanic descent.  We tease each other and make jokes, like any family, but when people gasp and think we are racist, I want to tell them, “You haven’t seen our family photos!”  We aren’t hurtful, but a lot of cultural jokes are funny when you get the background.

As we are all eating, my brother is telling us about his son, who doesn’t seem to know when to stop eating.  This little boy is tough, strong, slim, and six.  He truly isn’t in danger of bad eating habits, normally.  But they went to a buffet style restaurant, where people were carrying loads of trays of differing foods.  After the twelfth helping, my brother told him to quit eating.  The boy said, “But I’m still hungry!”  My brother told him to wait ten minutes, and if he was hungry then, he could go back.  The ten minutes went by, and my nephew apparently sat back and said, “Oi, I don’t feel so good.”  My brother laughed, and said to those of us he was telling the story to, “You know us Hawaiians, huh, we just don’t know when to stop eating!”

My daughter looked up from her plate and said, “I know when to stop eating, Uncle!  When the food is gone!!”  The whole table roared with laughter, and I think a few even lost some of their drink!


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