Posted by: Shara | May 26, 2011

And the Winner Is…

Enjoyment of Food by dbmccarter

“The enjoyment of eating!” contest winner!

Thank you to DB, who maintains the rights to this piece, for allowing this posting.  All rights reserved.

Enjoyment of Food

Anyone who thinks you can write about a relationship (yes, I said it–relationship) with food in 300 words is living in serious denial.

This person has obviously never stood outside a Krispy Kreme donut shop in 10 degree weather waiting for the first scent of freshly baked heaven so she can follow it inside to gorge.

This person has never sat next to someone in church because their shampoo reminds them of coconuts.

This person has never invented holidays that need cakes so she can bake the biggest, most fattening cake around and hide at least half of it and a gallon of ice cream for later.

This person probably does not make her toast in the oven with five sunny pats of butter so she can watch the butter melt.

This person doesn’t really understand the power of freshly brewing coffee wafting through the air. She doesn’t realize it leads straight to the left over apple pie.

This person doesn’t laugh hysterically when someone orders unsweetened tea. All you southerners get this, don’t you?

Quick question for anyone. What is the point of unsweetened tea?

This person doesn’t get that there is NO SUBSTITUTE for sugar or real butter.

Another quick question.  What is the point of sugar substitute or butter substitute?

This person doesn’t really believe that it is okay to eat chocolate any time, anywhere.

While I am on the subject of chocolate it is important to point out that partaking of chocolate is not optional, it is necessary.

So while this person is a talented writer and has a generous spirit, she doesn’t understand that 300 words is not going to get the job done.

Enjoyment of food in 300 words or less? I don’t think so.

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