Posted by: Shara | May 3, 2011

Money Made It Matter

Yesterday, I approached a new experience with some trepidation.  I paid to enter some of my writing into a contest.  This contest is rather large, as it has over $30,000 in prizes and an assumption of possibly thousands of entries.  But the grand extension of the contest was not what bothered me.  For some reason, believing that I could potentially place in such a large venue, or that my writing was worth reading was not even a drop into the throat-closing idea that I had put the money down.  Why on earth would some small bartering tool cause me to rethink my purpose just before clicking the button to continue, and “charge it!” ?  So, with doubts filling me, and much in the way of wondering if I was sane passing through my brain, I closed my eyes and jumped in.  I don’t know if the water’s fine… I am still a bit in doubt, though the money cannot be retrieved.  I have had countless rejections, many acceptances of my work, and yet, money made it matter.

Are we destined to go through life, allowing a single idea that should be of little difference to shape our entire lives?



  1. They say Money makes the world go ’round. Funny thing is I’m broke and it keeps on a turning.So who is fooling who..?

    • Much, much, to ponder. : ) I appreciate the thought evoking comments.

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