Posted by: Shara | May 2, 2011

The Importance of Family to Future Generations: Living Legacy

I spent Saturday with my family.  Mike, my sisters’ boys, my brother’s boy, my own, and my father spent a day at Scout-O-Rama.  The outing was a fun day of scout activity: creating things, learning new skills, playing, meeting people, and having a good time.  Here is what I learned:

Whether boys are six or sixteen, the positive influence that we can have in their lives cannot be underestimated.  An adult that helps them learn and grow will forever be remembered in their minds, because most adults are not on their sides.  (At least, this seems to be what is in their minds.  I have had a few admit it.)  It is also because they do not feel as though we are in touch with how their lives feel to them.  If we develop a camaraderie with them, they open to us, let us guide them, and give us a chance to make a difference in their lives.  I love hanging out with my boys, learning new stuff, and having a good laugh!

The day was not just about scouts, though, and this is where the best part came in.  We were family.   All the boys were treated the same way, treated to the same things, and given the opportunity to get to know each other, me, and their grandfather.  Everyone was on the same level, there.  AND IT WAS OBVIOUS!  Our family has its share of history and troubles.  We couldn’t be a family without that holding true.  But no matter where each of us had been in the past, on that day we were unified, together, and experiencing something amazing.  None of us wanted it to end.

The day did come to a close, of course, and everyone had to go their separate ways.  My father thanked me for organizing this (which was his way of telling me that it was okay that I was nagging everyone into attending this scouting event).  He told me that it was good that we did this.  We needed it.  We did.  And we still do.  We need each other.  We always will.  And this proves that we need to nurture the connections between each generation if family is to be important to future generations.


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