Posted by: Shara | April 29, 2011

Tribute to Today’s Children

Our amazing children do not receive the praise they need to feel accomplished.  This is partially due to them believing that Mom and Dad have to say those things to them.  Come to think of it, no one gets the praise that they deserve, most of the time.  We stop caring at work because we are unappreciated.  We stop volunteering for things because we get yelled at when something goes wrong, though we did our best with our precious donation of time.  Let’s go easy on each other, and remember that we are all trying to do our best out there.  Give praise aloud when it comes to mind, instead of staying silent.  Silence is not always golden, and speaking out could make a difference in someone’s day.

This is my tribute to my son, and all children, who are fighting to grow up positive, enjoying their youth, and believing in the possible.

Always Remember I’m Proud of You

You have grown up tall and strong,
Learning what is right from wrong.
I have enjoyed your funny ways
And all the games you like to play.

Where’er you go, whatever you do,
Always remember I’m proud of you!

The friends you’ve made are good and kind;
These types of friends are hard to find.
You’ve learned to walk in others’ shoes
And what it means to “pay your dues.”

Be a great friend, but to self stay true.
Always remember I’m proud of you!

You fight to protect our precious Earth.
You understand all living things’ worth.
You serve, always helping another;
And, to all, you are a good brother.

Making good choices is hard to do–
Always remember I’m proud of you!

You’ve learned the meaning of discipline.
With dedication, you helped your friends
Persevere to reach the common goal
By performing the leadership role.

Loyalty’s wisdom you always knew.
Always remember I’m proud of you!

Now, other young boys look up to you.
They want to do the things that you do.
They watch your example so they can see,
When they grow up, how they can be.

Be a fine example, strong and true.
Always remember I’m proud of you!

Pursue this path and you will find
That your life’s been rewarded in kind.
The return measure for every breath
Of devotion to all in graciousness.

Live your life fully in all that you do.
Always remember I’m proud of you!


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