Posted by: Shara | April 27, 2011

Dreams, Like the Phoenix

Today marks the one month anniversary of my decision to take up the reigns of  my own life and decide the path that I want it to take!  Originally, this blog was to be a focal point for writers, as well as forcing me to write once a day.  But it has grown into more than that.  With each thought that I put down, weighing the ideas in my head against the need to put them on paper, I have noticed that this blog is not about writers at all.  It has shaped itself into a forum for thought about how ANYONE can shape life into what he or she chooses.  We do not have to sit back and accept our lot in life.  We CAN change!  It is painful.  It is hard.  But it can be done!

Dreams are something we are encouraged by when we are little.  “You can be anything you want to be when you grow up!”  But as we get older, those dreams are replaced by “realism” and by “duty.”  At a time in my late thirties when I am starting my “motherhood of a teen” years, I believe that I have enough realism going on to last me a lifetime.  Why shouldn’t I go back to those dreams?  Some of them have changed, yes, as I was NEVER up to being a ballerina, and my detective days are long gone,  but some of my dreams that went to sleep need some waking up!  Children dream of fighting through the struggle to come out successful at the end of the day.  They believe that if they work hard enough, they can be what they want.  They see the world out there for the taking!  For the child that is me now, I say that it is still possible to struggle and be successful at the end of the day!  I am proving that hard work can get me what I want.

People love the symbol of the phoenix because it rises from the ashes.  It reforms out of the dust to rise as something beautiful… something magical.  This bird symbolizes rebirth, strength, and the will to survive.  It heals others, sings in soothing song, and is truly amazing to behold.  I believe that the phoenix should be the symbol for all adults that have gotten lost along the way, helping them return to the honesty, the hope of youth, and returning them to the land of remembrance.  I am giving you permission!  DREAM!  ACT!  SUCCEED!  And TAKE FLIGHT!


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