Posted by: Shara | April 23, 2011

Mothers: Every Child’s Rights

I was talking with a friend yesterday about her baby, and she talked about being concerned that her little darling was a few months behind already.  (Her daughter is just short of a year.)  I know that worry.  I understand the concern about my child being smart, pretty, funny, kind, lovable, happy, successful….  And I want to point something out.  Society has no right to make mothers (or parents in general) feel awful by taking a good, hard-working parent who wants the best for the child, and make them feel like miserable failures because they didn’t read the nonexistent handbook and raise perfect children!  Show us an average schedule so that we know what to look for.  Great!  Tell us when something might be wrong so we know how to work with the child or do what’s best for him.  Fine!  Make us feel like we need to compare our children to each other instead of individually praising them for their value and worth in society, NOT SO MUCH!

Parents, mentors, teachers, I call on you!  It is our responsibility to defend EVERY CHILD’S RIGHTS to live and learn!  I do not mean, Entitlement Generation style.  I mean that these trusting souls look to us for help, for leadership, in finding their paths through life.  Do not compare one to another.  Do not feel shame if your child is not at the head of the class.  Do not gloat over other parents if your child is lucky enough to be at the head of his or her field.  Support each other!  We have some amazing children out there that are being destroyed by the controlling net that society places upon them.  We can help– just step up and be there for them, mentor them, talk to them like you would to anyone that you respect.

For the beautiful, bright-eyed little girl who graced my home yesterday… what I want for your future (and the future of all children).  I want a world that will embrace you.  I want a network of loving support that will help you be successful, and catches you when you fall.  I want you to be able to set your mind at ease that you are making your way through life as a loving, kind example to everyone.  I want your happiness.  And I want you to smile as much at thirty as you do now.

Me ke aloha pumehana!



  1. I love it! I am going to totally print this up and put it in adelyne’s baby book! She is so lucky to have you as her aunt! Thanks for thinking of the both of us.

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