Posted by: Shara | April 21, 2011

Spend the Time

Today, my son learned to make his grandmother’s macaroni salad.  He had originally been told that if he loved her cooking that much, he had better learn how to make it.  That way, he could make whatever he was craving.  So, on spring break, when he could have been playing on the computer, he chose to spend time with his grandmother.

Grandma was not the only one to enjoy his company, however.  He decided to work with Grandpa on a Boy Scout merit badge, and learned new things about him by working with him.  Now, there is a new member in the ranks of coin collectors in the next generation.

The time that we dedicate to each other, and the relationships that we cultivate, create harmony in our lives.  They lead us to find out who we are.  They teach us to care for others and to be willing to think of them instead of ourselves.

Who will you spend time with this weekend?


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