Posted by: Shara | April 20, 2011

Written Into Existence

Can a person write her own success into existence?

I have been asked how I meant this phrase, as there are so many underlying possibilities.  So, before I talk about my own thoughts, let me break this down into alternate puzzles.

Can a person create her own success by writing it?

Can a person create her own existence the way she wants it to be?

Can the power of positive thought be used to change the current course of a life in a single year?

Can writing to the public keep a person “honest,” or on the determined course?

I sincerely hope that there are answers to these questions whirling around in your mind.  (Unless you have learned the secret to life, the universe, everything… and have 42 screaming to get out.)  Contemplation is good.  Action is better.  Contemplation combined with action is the ultimate success.

Was I trying to motivate myself?  Yes.  Was I making bold steps in order to ensure change?  Yes.  There are many messy things going to and fro, but in the midst of the muddle is one simple truth I decided upon.  I have to act to change, and so I am acting.  365 days of writing, with weekly and monthly goals, to see if I am worth the talk.  Put up or shut up.  Fish or cut bait.  Sink or swim.  Do or die.  Die trying.  There are a plethora of idioms for putting one’s best efforts out there, because humans hold back.  I would rather have something to apologize for, because I was too forward, as opposed to have nothing to apologize for because I DID nothing.


  1. LEAD,Follow,or get out of the way!!(or get runded over) =P

  2. Can I be the one driving? Way to go shara!

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