Posted by: Shara | April 19, 2011

Discovery: A Child’s Life

Children follow everything that they see or hear.  While they might not seem to process the events, they are subconsciously recording everything.  This knowledge only comes back to us as parents when they say or do something that shocks us into realization.

We have three fish that came to us as gifts from some family friends.  Two of them are goldfish.  The third has huge eyes that stick out on either side of its head.  None of us have any clue as to what type of fish it might be.  As we have been getting to know our fish, the large, silverish goldfish has been proving to be a bully.  When it is time to feed them, he shoves the other two out of the way.  The poor, bug-eyed fish (whose name is Terry) ends up on the bottom of the tank, waiting for whatever food comes drifting down.  It’s sad, really.  So our family started calling out, “Terry,” and trying to show him the food canister to get him to the surface before we dropped food in.

My youngest is three, and he is a very knowledgeable, worldly three… or so he tells us.  He wanted to show his twin aunties our fish one day when they were visiting.  He walked over to the tank, and jabbed his little finger at each fish as he introduced them.  “Fish!”  “Fish!”  “Terry!”

The boy knew that we called the living things swimming around in the tank “fish.”  He knew from our calls that the little one was “Terry.”  So, he decided that the other two were named, “Fish.”  It makes sense.

Any other parents or caregivers out there with a “discovery” story?


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