Posted by: Shara | April 18, 2011

Take Time To Smell the Orchids

This post is dedicated to Mike, who reminded me of a story and triggered today’s post.

When David and I took our daughter over to Hawaii to go to the Explorations program at Kamehameha Schools, we went with several intentions in mind.  For me, it was a return home after twelve long years away.  My husband had never been there, and this was my chance to introduce him to my beautiful islands.  We also needed a vacation, time away together, and had several places on our “lists of places that we MUST visit.”  The one agreement that we both held to was that we wanted to enjoy the peaceful ambiance, the relaxed feeling, and the chance to go with the flow without regretting anything.

This takes us to an evening drive, coming back from David’s tour of “where the road ends,” and the long stretches of highway on the far side of the island (away from Waikiki).  It was dark, and there was no light except for the headlights of cars on the highway.  For city dwellers, this would mean that the road was lit up like a string of Christmas lights.  But on Oahu, this meant that there were strangers passing each other every few miles or so, with their lights winking at each other as they passed.  A car drove up behind us so fast that we didn’t know he was coming until he was on our tail, didn’t even slow down, swerved around us, and zipped off into the darkness.

I looked at David and said, “How fast do you think he was going?”

“Wow, I’d guess 80,” he said with a grin.

“How fast were WE going?”

“45!”  We both laughed in delight, and kept right on driving… at 45.

I felt sorry for the poor soul that was racing around the tropical island that could have brought him so much peace.  My daughter told me that the thing she missed the most about Hawaii was the smell.  The amazingly fragrant smell of hundreds of different types of flowers, that surprisingly complimented each other with their distinct scents, fruits growing in people’s yards, and the ocean salt and spray perfumed the air.  I believe that she supports the old adage, “take time to smell the roses.”

By the way, it just felt like an “IZ day.”  Here lies my tribute to a man who gave so much to the Hawaiians through music and song.  Your beauty lives on.  If you have access to music from Israel Kamakawiwoʻole, today would be a good day to enjoy it.


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