Posted by: Shara | April 16, 2011

Finding a Mentor, Setting a Course

It has been said that the best way to find a path and stay on it is to find an example or mentor.  That way when the inevitable sidetracking occurs, there is an anchor to the original purpose.  Upon starting something, humans often have the best intentions.  We tend to get confused when we are in the middle of things, and our original intentions change.  Having someone else that keeps us “honest” about what we are doing, and keeps us from veering off course can be a great way to accomplish things in life.

When looking for a mentor, find one that has the same values.  Find a mentor that achieved similar goals, so that there is an example to follow.  Choose a few mentors if necessary, to help create a possible pathway of goals that line up little milestones until the end is attainable.

Define the strategy, write a mission statement, or sit down and cover an entire outline from beginning to end.  The focus must be in place first, or the writing can become difficult to navigate.  Plot it out over one year.  Determine the number of hours, the projects to work on in order of importance, and set “office hours.”  The hardest part?  STICKING TO IT!  It could be so easy to fall off of the wagon.  That happens simply by ignoring the computer for one of the mapped-out sessions determined before the project got off the ground.

One final note:  Do not be afraid to ask for help!  Support and advice can come from many surprising directions.  Just ask!



  1. ….How do you DO that!!…Get out of my head WOMAN!!…GAAA!!! Providence…it HAS to be!!! “What the blazes is he talking about?” you ask.

    OK! I am considering,strongly, setting up my own mobile carwash and detailing service here. With 4 major metropolitian areas within 100 miles North and South of home I feel that I have an unequaled opprotunity just sitting in my lap. I can take the dirtiest,filthiest vehicles and clean them up in a matter of hours to “almost” Showroom conditions.Depending on paint condition,dents etc.I have the skillset still…I work on my families vehicles here for peanuts,and they keep encouraging me to go for it. I have a supplier in mind already and was going to message you about picking your collective brains for ideas.And low and behold I find THIS when I hit the shortcut to this page!!So……what does that tell you? What do you guys think?

    • There are many business ideas that could be great, but crash or don’t even get off the ground due to lack of planning. My suggestions for you start with this, and I will talk to you in more detail later. First, you need a well-written business plan. This helps make sure that you have considered all the possibilities and contingencies for your business up to five years out. Once you have that organized, it gives you the perspective you need to show others and find capital, or decide realistically if the idea will work. It also shows you what to expect. Many people plan on making money instantly, not realizing the amount of time and expense that they will be investing during the first while to make it happen.

      I always say, “Go for it!” I just also say that foresight and planning can save you a LOT of trouble, and reduce the learning curves along the way.

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