Posted by: Shara | April 15, 2011

“This Above All: to Thine Own Self Be True”

It’s interesting to find that I am sometimes in a mood to tell everyone that they can kiss the wind, and sometimes I am so nervous about what others think that it shapes the very words that I type.  Could this be attributed to the fact that I am attempting to write for an audience, where I never have before?  Maybe I have cared too much all along, except for those momentary bouts of stamina and self-confidence.  Or, perhaps, I am merely human.  Ah, the human condition… must I live it so?

While I am discovering the answers to my ponderings, I have a new quote that I wrote today.

“Everything in life should have an undo button like in Microsoft Word.”

What would YOU undo?



  1. Nothing. I would wind up a different person if I did.The “Butterfly Effect” in all its glorious paradoxism.Stray from the past path just a smidge…and I no longer know how to ski.Nor anything about SLC or Utah.And who are you again?..I’m sorry…do I know any of you?
    I would need conditions on that reset button to be sure.

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