Posted by: Shara | April 13, 2011

Time, Mothers and Daughters

There is an interesting paradox in thought and discussion about time.  As an idea itself, I cannot think of anything more exacting, more specific, than time.  There is nothing more confusing or hard to gauge than the passage of time.  You can count it down to the millisecond, yet it lasts for infinity.

My thoughts at this moment are, how do I know when a deadline has passed if the specific terms were, “sometime between now and next Wednesday?”  I had my writing prompt finished by noon, next Wednesday.  Apparently, though, they meant BEFORE next Wednesday.  Which would be Tuesday, to be exact.  (Luckily, the contest that I won had been extremely specific- April 1, 2011, 11:59 pm Central Time, no exceptions.)

So, as I wrote my thoughts about how I know I will react when my daughter leaves me for smarter ventures, and how I hope to be in supportiveness (Look, I made a new word!) and excitement for her.  Now that they have come pouring out, they need to be shared.  Here is the entry:

Open your e-mail and randomly choose the subject line of a message. Make that the first line of your story. Then, choose another subject line, and make that the last line of your story.  500 words or less.  (Chosen:  Toria and the summer, and News that affects Utah)

Toria and the Summer

Toria and the Summer.  Was it silly of me to want to name my newest ice cream flavor after my daughter?  Probably.  But the fresh berries and fruits in all of that smooth cream just reminded me of that summer we had spent horseback riding in northern Utah.  We had come out of a wooded trail and into a sweet-smelling field of wildflowers set in an array of subtle pastel.  I looked at her, all peace and smiles and horsewoman.  The outdoors loved her, and the laughter that sprang from her lips was unashamed, delighted, youthful.

Now she was going off to college, my struggling child who had dyslexia and perseverance, with a scholarship that she had earned on her own.  Though the scholarship did not cover all of her expenses, the money was enough to keep her from having to work so that she could keep her focus on school.  Her father and I would do the rest.

She deserved a unique tribute.  The family dairy was full of her precious life moments, but those were too personal to share.  I needed her to know that I would miss her, would think about her, but that I was proud in unspeakable, blubbery words of the woman she was.  She was enjoying life, ready for her next adventure, and I couldn’t wait for her to tell me all about it!  Toria and the Summer.  It was perfect.

The unveiling would happen the day before we settled her and her belongings into a new home.  It wasn’t news that affects Utah… just her mother.



  1. Wow, tear jerking. I enjoyed the read 🙂

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