Posted by: Shara | April 12, 2011

Contribute and Be Heard!

I find myself wanting to support others in their endeavors to blog to the general internet and be heard.  I understand that sentiment.  I also understand the belief that I have knowledge to share that is worthwhile, and the desire to teach people something.  It gives me a sense of purpose, interacting in a social setting with positive contribution.

I don’t think that people support each other enough.  For myself, I know that I can be extremely hard or judgmental when it comes to others.  This issue is created because I am that way with myself.  I expect others to answer to the same high standards, and sometimes they cannot.  We were made differently to, I believe, make us infinitely more interesting.  This creates the need of compromise and tolerance for everyone, and an appreciation for what each person has within his means to achieve.  (Don’t be afraid to make comments because I admitted that.  Know that I understand that it may be my life’s work to overcome that very flaw.)

In support of another who is making her voice heard, I have entered another contest with an interesting background, from my point of view.  We, who played WoW, used to talk about the human tendencies that would make people “lazy,” as they would sit at their computers all day, and yet they would take on the equivalent of TWO full-time jobs in order to make virtual money in a video game.  The “immediate reward system” and perceived self-value is why I believe people work harder on a screen than they do at real life.  But this is a matter for future discussion.

In the meantime, there is a contest that is being done by random drawing by the Gold Queen.  This is the link: Feel free to enter, and good luck to you all.  It’s an awesome prize!  You only have until April 26th!


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