Posted by: Shara | April 11, 2011

“Guest” What??

Today I found a new email in my box, that was neither spam nor boring.

I have been writing submissions to other people’s blogs, based upon the content under discussion.  There are so many things that I have an interest in, that it doesn’t all seem to fit here in a “purely writing” focus.  (This holds true due to literary venue, though I diversify and dabble in everything from poetry and short story to advertising and business plans.)  Really, I just love to write!

Apparently I have caught the attention of a survival blog website owner, and will be posted as a Guest Blogger on his site on April 26th!  He also invited me to do more writing for him!  THIS was the exciting part, as one might be able to have things posted if the writing is decent, but to be asked to do more thrilled me!

Visit to see my article on preparation.  This will be the first in a series on helping children understand preparation and how to talk to other people without sounding crazy.  Ever since I made my first first aid kit as a Brownie Girl Scout in 1st grade, I have been focused on being prepared wherever I go.  This statement does not mean being prepared if the world is ending.  I plan for everywhere, whether it’s a trip, or buying a pet.  It’s just good, old-fashioned common sense to prepare for things, and can save thousands of dollars in the long run if foresight and intellect are brought together.  Also, it helps to talk to people who are knowledgeable about the area of focus to gain further insight.

Good luck in all of your endeavors!


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